Reinharts - Carlene & Bruce

Carlene & Bruce Brief Bio

Carlene Reinhart was born in Hawaii, learned to swim before she learned to walk, and has never lost her love for the water. Her underwater photographs express this abiding passion. She received her undergraduate degree in American Diplomatic History from the George Washington University in 1954, her MA in Adult Learning in 1966 and her Ed.D. in Human Resource Development in 1972, also from the George Washington University. For fifteen years she was a manager with the Xerox Corporation. In 1992 she started her own management consulting firm, CLR Associates, specializing in organizational and individual performance improvement. Carlene and her husband Bruce began scuba diving in 1989, and in 1995 she began to take pictures underwater. This effort has led to capturing images on land as well, and a realization that nature photography is a true passion.
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